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Best Construction Management Software

The primary purpose of construction management software is to increase the efficiency and productivity of a construction business. Choosing the right construction software will allow a business owner to streamline daily workflow on the jobsite within one user-friendly program.

According to construction management software reviews, here are some of the most beneficial features of the program:

  • Quickly create job estimates
  • Track job leads
  • Manage bids of suppliers and subcontractors
  • Track work schedules
  • Collaborate on plans and documents
  • Manage project budgets

Quick Construction Estimates

Construction management software reviews confirm that using this type of system can greatly reduce time spent in manually estimating the budgets for potential construction projects. A template will be used to approximate and plan the scope of a job to increase the accuracy of the overall time and price estimate.

A client questionnaire will be used in the estimation process to gather basic information about a client’s project needs online. This detail, organization, and accuracy will create a cohesive checklist to prevent a project budget from being underestimated.

Automated Construction Bidding

Construction management software will also allow a business to automate the e-mail bids that they send to potential clients. The construction software will track the specifications, plans, and scope of a project to prepare a complete bid. The bids can then be scheduled with reminders so that they will be sent out at the appropriate time. The construction software will also allow for bid management to track how many bids have been sent, to whom, and for how much.

Measure and Calculate Plans

Additionally, construction management software will allow a business to calculate and measure building plans. The software will include digitizer tablets that enable paper plans to be traced with an electronic device to capture electronic measurements. Some newer software will also scan and measure digital files like PDF and CAD directly to the computer screen.

Construction Management Software Scheduling and Project Management

Lastly, construction software will allow a business to manage and schedule projects for the long-term to ensure that all tasks and resources are planned well in advance. This project management capability will include document control, budget tracking, and regular scheduling. This organization in project management will greatly aid in business accounting to lower expenses in total job costs.

All of the above capabilities will make it much easier for a construction company to better serve and interact with their clients. This type of software is often used by home builders and contractors to manage their marketing, sales, and customer service interactions.

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