Pico Projector Reviews

Best Mini Office Projectors

For one on one presentations, or simply to ensure you always have the ability to show off your products latest features, a pico projector can be a great piece of equipment to have with you in meetings. Most pico projector reviews highlight the fact that they’re very simple to use and easy to set up, which means that you can be running through your presentation in no time at all. Plus, you won’t need to carry around a normal-sized projector, just on the off-chance it might be needed.

Benefits of a Mini Projector

Because of their size, these micro projectors have a much smaller light output than full-sized alternatives - often less than 100 lumens. While this can cause problems if you’re in a brightly lit environment, in good conditions, most pico projectors will deliver great images from 5 inches, all the way up to 100 inches in size. They even incorporate speakers if you need audio with your presentation.

It’s possible to find good quality pico projectors available for less than $200, and because they typically use LEDs as the light source, they can have an operating life of around 20,000 hours. This makes them a very cost-effective and environmentally-friendly business solution.

Pico Projector Reviews

When you’re trying to decide which is the right pico projector for your business, you’ll find the reviews of the leading models very useful. However, unlike when you’re buying a standard projector, there are a number of things specific to these micro versions that you will need to pay particular attention to:

  • Battery life - the average is about 2 hours
  • Supported file formats - check compatibility with video, image and presentation files
  • Bluetooth/WiFi option - decide if you’ll want to use your projector wirelessly
  • Memory - can you store files on its internal memory or use a memory card?
  • Speakers or Audio Out connection - for presentations with sound

Micro Projector Flexibility

Small, handheld projectors provide you with the versatility to give presentations and slide-shows whenever and wherever you want. Simply connect your pico projector to your smart phone, and you’ll be able to show videos, images and even presentations, on just about any wall or flat surface. Some versions even have onboard memory where you can store all your files - so you don’t any other equipment to present to your clients or colleagues. These small micro projectors may not have the performance of their bigger relatives, but for flexibility and convenience, they are hard to beat.

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